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Virtual Fitness
Get Out Of The GYm
Earn Recurring Income ONLINE 
We take the guess work out of starting an online fitness business! Consider us a cheat sheet that will save you years of time and money. The systems, tools and knowledge we provide our trainers with has been proven to build 6 figure online training businesses in 30 days or less.
*This service is not for everyone if we feel you are not a good fit we will point you in another direction.
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Guide you and eliminate the "guess work" of starting an online business.
Provide you with free products and easy-to-use programs that will save you time and get potential clients in the door.
Help you generate long-term wealth in the fitness industry without having to exchange your time for dollars.

Constant feedback on your content and communication to help you grow and improve as a virtual personal trainer.
Provide you with scripts, sequences, and sales funnels that are updated on a consistent basis. We also provide tools to grow your social media followings.
Surround yourself with other like minded virtual trainers with the same mission who will hold you accountable to improving each week in our private Facebook group.
Look At These Results Before Going ANY Further!
Joe Callari, Virtual Trainer
Cleveland, OH
"I had been doing online training on my own for a little over a year earning an average of $99 per month. After following @scfitofficial on instagram I was curious to learn more about what they were doing. First I spoke with Stevie and then reached out to other virtual trainers for reassurance. I was convinced I needed to at least give it a shot. We changed a few things around and it paid off. I went from $96 a month to $4,598 in less than 30 days of working together. I would highly recommend this service to any personal trainer who is serious about training online. It will save you a ton of time. It's refreshing to work with someone who has actually been there and done that." I've worked with fitness coaches before but I never have received more value than this. 

-Joe Callari  Instagram: @joe_callari 

Don't Just Take HIS WORD For It...
See What Others Have Said About Their Experience!
"Couldn't be happier about my decision to began virtual training. My clients are getting better results now then they were when I was seeing them in person and I live a more fulfilling lifestyle."
Malek Banoun @coachmalek
"I made my investment back in two days."
Gene Kang
"I first started as fitness client. I was blown away the way by the service and knew it was something I wanted to be apart of."
Chris Nelson @chris.topher.nelson

The world is your market

Created systems that allows him to manage over a thousand clients. 
Meet Stevie,
Founder, CEO
  • Ranked #1 in client activity and revenue
  • Voted best online trainer by  
  • Creates Fitness Programs For Corporate Gyms and Businesses. 
  • Bachelors degree in social science and certified personal trainer.
  • Founded platform for online fitness trainers to scale their business. 
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