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Gene Kang:
The Creator of #NeverGVUP Fitness
 Gene Kang
 Certified Personal Trainer!
Gene Kang is a personal trainer based in Los Angeles — home to healthy lifestyles and Hollywood. Many of his clients have experienced fitness breakthroughs. Gene specializes in weight/fat loss transformations; bodyweight and HIIT training; cardio and weightlifting. His mission is to help everyone reach their fitness goals so they can live healthier and happier lives!

He has a “Never Give Up” attitude and truly motivational coaching style. His dedication comes from life experience. In 2010, he overcame a life-threatening illness. His liver shut down after a rare allergic reaction to prescribed antibiotics. It took more than six months of medical care and proper exercise and nutrition to get back on his feet. Now, he’s the healthiest he’s ever been!

Gene is a “people person” — he’s passionate about helping others overcome their physical, mental and spiritual obstacles. Everyone has a limitless potential!

His day job is working as a professional TV Reporter and storyteller. Gene has interviewed thousands of people including celebrities, dignitaries and world leaders. But his favorite personalities are "ordinary people" who strive to accomplish extraordinary things with their lives.

Gene has been learning virtual/online coaching from SCFit for more than two years. He earned his NASM certification after a rigorous hands-on personal training internship in Hollywood — studying anatomy, kinesiology and the human movement system while helping clients get real results.
Achievements & Certifications 

  • Muscle Building Expert
  • Nutrition Specialist 
  • NASM Certified 
  • SCFIT Ambassador 
  • Fat Loss Expert 
Doctors Approve!    
Dr. Tony Costella!
"Hey my name is Dr. Costella! I have been a general practitioner since 1992 and an Scfit user for almost 2 years.

 I have seen the way Scfit structures their workouts first hand! 

Not only is each movement properly demonstrated in the app in video form. The workouts are designed in a fun, engaging and creative way.

It's easy to use and safe; especially for those new to fitness." 
  • More Energy
  •  Improved Flexibility
  •  Fixed Low Back Pain
  •  Lost Weight In Stomach
Don't just take Dr. Costella's word for it! Checkout These SCFIT Users......

Dante D. @dantetheadprophet

"Can't commit to going to a gym with how much I travel. SCFIT was a way for me to consistently workout." 

Riss P. @riss.perry

"I was following @scfitofficial on instagram. I wanted to take it a step further and try virtual training. One of the best fitness decisions I have ever made.."
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