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Lauren Griffith:
The Creator of Body By Lauren!
 Fit Mom & Certified Personal Trainer!
Fitness and wellness expert, Lauren Griffith, is best known for her high-energy fitness classes, boot camps and instructor training programs. 

Born in Northern California, Griffith’s passion for fitness originates from playing team sports as a child and later teaching group fitness classes at the age of 18 while attending college at Washington State University. In college, Griffith began cheerleading, where she was introduced to dance and its many benefits. 

After her studies, she went on to teach a wide variety of fitness and mind-body classes and created Agility Barre out of her passion for Yoga, Sculpt, and Barre.

Lauren is on a mission to help stay at home mom's get in shape without having to rely on their gym membership.
Achievements & Certifications 

  • Yoga & Barre Expert
  • Fit Mom
  • Certified and Experienced
  • ToeSox Ambassador
  • Creator of Lauren Griffith Collection
Doctors Approve!    
Dr. Tony Costella!
"Hey my name is Dr. Costella! I have been a general practitioner since 1992 and an Scfit user for almost 2 years.

 I have seen the way Scfit structures their workouts first hand! 

Not only is each movement properly demonstrated in the app in video form. The workouts are designed in a fun, engaging and creative way.

It's easy to use and safe; especially for those new to fitness." 
  • More Energy
  •  Improved Flexibility
  •  Fixed Low Back Pain
  •  Lost Weight In Stomach
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Angie C. @annna.compagno

"Can't commit to going to a gym with how much I travel. SCFIT was a way for me to consistently workout." 

Riss P. @riss.perry

"I was following @scfitofficial on instagram. I wanted to take it a step further and try virtual training. One of the best fitness decisions I have ever made.."
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