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Britany McNevin:
The Creator of Get Fit With Brit!
 My Passions Are People Fitness And Faith!
Fitness and faith have been huge in my life. I needed to find a way to relieve stress in my life and fitness became that for me. I took a TRX class 7 years ago and have been into fitness ever since. 

I love all types of fitness but my passion is strength training and Crossfit style workouts. However, I am able to adapt to any style or fitness level someone may be at.. 

I love encouraging people in both their fitness and faith journeys. My desire is to help people accomplish their goals by pushing themselves physically and mentally and seeing how this can carry over into life outside of the gym.

 I desire to show people that fitness is a journey and not a destination! Hard work pays off and in the end a better core and better butt are bonuses to a healthy lifestyle!

 My hope is to walk alongside people of all fitness backgrounds, by encouraging and supporting them where they are at and where they hope to go! I love seeing people set goals and crush them!! My passion is that people will see fitness as a lifestyle and find enjoyment in living an active lifestyle.
Achievements & Certifications 
  • ISSA Certified Trainer 
  •  ISSA Nutrition Specialist 
  • First Aid/CPR 
  • 4 Years Training Experience
  • Canadian National Team 
  •  Former College Athlete 
Doctors Approve!    
Dr. Tony Costella!
"Hey my name is Dr. Costella! I have been a general practitioner since 1992 and an Scfit user for almost 2 years.

 I have seen the way Scfit structures their workouts first hand! 

Not only is each movement properly demonstrated in the app in video form. The workouts are designed in a fun, engaging and creative way.

It's easy to use and safe; especially for those new to fitness." 
  • More Energy
  •  Improved Flexibility
  •  Fixed Low Back Pain
  •  Lost Weight In Stomach
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Angie C. @annna.compagno

"Can't commit to going to a gym with how much I travel. SCFIT was a way for me to consistently workout." 

Riss P. @riss.perry

"I was following @scfitofficial on instagram. I wanted to take it a step further and try virtual training. One of the best fitness decisions I have ever made.."
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